Dec 2019 Server Donations

A post will be made showing the month and donations listed as they come in.
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Dec 2019 Server Donations

Post by Noble » Fri Dec 06, 2019 9:04 pm

The following members have made a donation this month to help with the bills, this covers the servers- Website and Teamspeak when you donate into the NFO link on the front page the donation goes directly to our server costs and not to any member.

Blade $20.00 Dec 6th :arrow: :D :clap: :dance:
Wolfen $10.00 Dec 9th :arrow: :D :clap: :dance:
Vette73 $25.00 Dec 12th :arrow: :D :clap: :dance:
GI_JOE $10.00 Dec 21st :arrow: :D :clap: :dance:
M@yhemDave $60.00 Dec 24th :arrow: :D :clap: :dance:
Sharkman $60.00 Dec 27th :arrow: :D :clap: :dance:

Thanks for your continuing support !

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