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Me, old UT website


Staff member
Jun 6, 2018
This is from waaaay back when I use to play UnrealTournament... The KingKlan.

The following is a quote I made, and still holds true today.
And yes, I was }Kk{~Kat aka Katman
" In my own words a "clan" is a group of friends getting together to have some fun,
not like those who think being in a 'clan' is to be better than others
here there is really no ranking...
we all start out knowing nothing about the game...we learn to play it ...
we better our self...and most of all,,,have fun doing so.
the }KK{...(KINGS),to me is a (Klan),,, not really a clan, an (unclan)"

}KK{~Kat~Ca A.K.A. Katman (Canada)