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  1. Capt.Dan!!! @ Capt.Dan!!!:
    It's Donation time...
  2. Capt.Dan!!! @ Capt.Dan!!!:
    Welcome back KFC...
  3. Capt.Dan!!! @ Capt.Dan!!!:
    It is good to hear from you too. It has been a long while.
  4. Holymoly @ Holymoly:
    I'm in... Nice to hear from you Dan.... It's been a while 😉
  5. Capt.Dan!!! @ Capt.Dan!!!:
    Thank you all who made donations last month, It really is appreciated.
  6. Cyruz @ Cyruz:
  7. Capt.Dan!!! @ Capt.Dan!!!:
    Welcome Sgt.York, glad you found us. 🤠
  8. GodFather @ GodFather:
    Hello @HKS-Sgt.York welcome to the site.:)
  9. H @ HKS-Sgt.York:
    New here just thought I would say Hi.
  10. GodFather @ GodFather:
    Thanks @Hebrew
  11. H @ Hebrew:
    Website looks 'Excellent" ! Looking to get back on, for a while, while things are slowing down. With learning the mandolin and riding bikes, I missed OldBuggerz, looking forward to getting back on.
  12. Capt.Dan!!! @ Capt.Dan!!!:
    Welcom To [O|B], drbrain440. :cool:
  13. GodFather @ GodFather:
  14. GodFather @ GodFather:
    I would like to see more people, Recruitment (y)
  15. GodFather @ GodFather:
    If anyone has ideas that they would like added to the site let Dan and Myself know
  16. GodFather @ GodFather:
    Love your hurt feelings report dan LMAO:eek:
  17. Capt.Dan!!! @ Capt.Dan!!!:
    Website is looking better every day...🤗
  18. GodFather @ GodFather:
    Fixed the Nav Name for reports :)
  19. GodFather @ GodFather:
    I have fixed the forum permissions for members! (y)
  20. Capt.Dan!!! @ Capt.Dan!!!:
    It's Awesome...!!! 💥🍻💥
  21. Col.Korn!!! @ Col.Korn!!!:
  22. Capt.Dan!!! @ Capt.Dan!!!:
  23. GodFather @ GodFather:
  24. Capt.Dan!!! @ Capt.Dan!!!:
    Click the Forms tab.. :geek:
  25. GodFather @ GodFather:
    fill in the report LOL :ROFLMAO: