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Welcome To OldbuggerZ: Please use the forums for support questions !
  1. Capt.Dan!!! @ Capt.Dan!!!:
    Welcome back, Doctor Science
  2. Capt.Dan!!! @ Capt.Dan!!!:
    Welcome to our forums, Snakebait... 🍻
  3. Capt.Dan!!! @ Capt.Dan!!!:
    Password for that server is the same as before. (Check TeamSpeak for the Password)
  4. Capt.Dan!!! @ Capt.Dan!!!:
    Okay, On the TEST server I have the bo2 v6 mod running, Scopped weapons still need work...
  5. Capt.Dan!!! @ Capt.Dan!!!:
    Welcome to our Forum, we're glad you found us, RoDan
  6. GodFather @ GodFather:
    Indeed we did Thanks for your support (y)
  7. ColSanders @ ColSanders:
    I donated today!! Please confirm you got it!
  8. Capt.Dan!!! @ Capt.Dan!!!:
    @hashblaster Ask in the Forums, not in the Shout Box
  9. Capt.Dan!!! @ Capt.Dan!!!:
    It's Donation time...
  10. Capt.Dan!!! @ Capt.Dan!!!:
    Welcome back KFC...
  11. Capt.Dan!!! @ Capt.Dan!!!:
    It is good to hear from you too. It has been a long while.
  12. Holymoly @ Holymoly:
    I'm in... Nice to hear from you Dan.... It's been a while 😉
  13. Capt.Dan!!! @ Capt.Dan!!!:
    Thank you all who made donations last month, It really is appreciated.
  14. Cyruz @ Cyruz:
  15. Capt.Dan!!! @ Capt.Dan!!!:
    Welcome Sgt.York, glad you found us. 🤠
  16. GodFather @ GodFather:
    Hello @HKS-Sgt.York welcome to the site.:)
  17. H @ HKS-Sgt.York:
    New here just thought I would say Hi.
  18. GodFather @ GodFather:
    Thanks @Hebrew
  19. H @ Hebrew:
    Website looks 'Excellent" ! Looking to get back on, for a while, while things are slowing down. With learning the mandolin and riding bikes, I missed OldBuggerz, looking forward to getting back on.
  20. Capt.Dan!!! @ Capt.Dan!!!:
    Welcom To [O|B], drbrain440. :cool:
  21. GodFather @ GodFather:
  22. GodFather @ GodFather:
    I would like to see more people, Recruitment (y)
  23. GodFather @ GodFather:
    If anyone has ideas that they would like added to the site let Dan and Myself know
  24. GodFather @ GodFather:
    Love your hurt feelings report dan LMAO:eek:
  25. Capt.Dan!!! @ Capt.Dan!!!:
    Website is looking better every day...🤗

OldBuggerZ Clan Welcomes You

Welcome to our Call of Duty Gaming Community, If you are a member, please login and drop a message to say hi. If you don't have an account, please register to get member privileges.

We are an older group of folks. We try to have a clean "cheat free environment", Game Server to play on And make new friends along the way from around the world in the process.

Our monthly donations cover, The Website, Teamspeak & Game Servers. The monthly minimum coverage is $60. Click the NFO (Nuclear FallOut) image below to Donate (in U.S. Dollars) In TeamSpeak 3, click the OldBuggerZ banner.

Please note: All donations here go directly to our NFO coffer account, and not any member.

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OldbuggerZ Servers are Tactical Camping. Run and Gun and all it's traits are not allowed you will get banned.

NO PROFANITY OF ANY KIND on the OldBuggerZ Servers.

NO Disrespect, Racial, Insults or Sexual (remarks) of ANY KIND!

NO Recruiting and NO Advertising!

Do not bind your 'fire' key to the scroll wheel =[This will get you BANNED!]=

When there is a BULB (Talk Balloon) over a player, DO NOT KILL THEM!

NO Whining or Griefing! Please submit any complaint in our forums, not during game play.

NO CHEATING, You WILL get caught!!! (AimBots, WallHacks, MultiHacks, PB Hacks, MD5Tools, Player Enhancement Scripts etc... are UNACCEPTABLE!!!)

OldBuggerZ Gaming since: August 19, 2006

[O|B] Servers

TeamSpeak Info TeamSpeak 3 Server update (March 18, 2020)

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There was a nother TeamSpeak 3 Server update today.
I shut our TeamSpeak 3 server down for updates, It was down for about 5 minutes.

Our server is now running teamspeak3-server_win64-3.12.0.



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